Join Peter Thomas as a key contributor and influencer in transforming student entrepreneurship around the world.

The PT100 Club is comprised of an elite group of entrepreneurs investing $100,000 into the Canadian GSEA program to ensure that student entrepreneurs from across the country have the resources they need to compete and become the innovators of tomorrow.

more than money

The GSEA program awards its competitors beyond a cash prize.  Students can be awarded with business tools, new networks, mentorship, and services that will help them develop, enhance, and grow their businesses.

If the PT100 Club isn’t for you, there are countless other meaningful ways to help this exceptional group of young entrepreneurs.  A financial donation of any size can make a strong impact, along with offers of mentorship, legal advice, marketing services, website development, introduction to investor groups, to name a few. 

If you’re ready to give, whether it’s cash or kind, these students are more than ready to receive.


“My experience with the GSEA has not only helped my company grow, but it has also taught me the importance of growing as an individual and leader to become a successful entrepreneur. I have access to a support system and a helping hand not only across my home country Canada, but the world! The GSEA program provided me every opportunity and resource to grow to my fullest potential by surrounding me with a community of inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders who want to make an impact in the world.”

Lianna Genovese

GSEA 2021 Global Finalist; Winner of Innovation Award, Founder & CEO, ImaginAble Solutions

“The GSEA Program opens up a whole world of opportunity for young entrepreneurs looking to bring their business and personal growth to the next level. Through GSEA I met my best friends, found exceptional mentors and quickly accelerated my business. Looking back on it ten years later, I can definitively say that participating in the GSEA was a real blessing and one of the truly transformative experiences of my life as an entrepreneur and even as a person.”
Mikhail Naumov

GSEA 2012 Global Finalist; Director, Thomas GSEA Foundation, Founder & CEO, Paylode

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