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Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize what’s possible for students who identify as entrepreneurs.
Through EO’s GSEA program, we are creating pathways for advanced learning, mentorship, and access to resources that will support their business endeavours and increase the likelihood of their successes.

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Innovating Sustainable Fisheries Ross Arsenault

Reimagining Accessibility Lianna Genovese

Remote Caring for Cardiac Patients Andre Bertram

Innovating the Sharing Economy Daniel Dubois

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How different would your early experiences as an entrepreneur have been if you…

Found Your People Sooner

What if you had found your community earlier on in your journey? Would your experience be different if you’d had support collective who listened to your struggles, celebrated your successes, and shared their expertise? 


Had Mentorship From Day 1

What if someone was there to provide strategic guidance as you built business plans and presentations, engaged in fundraising efforts, or even connected you with a manufacturer or patent lawyer?

Were Represented At Career Day

What if every ‘career day’ showcasing teachers and doctors and business professionals included various entrepreneurs – people with big ideas and big dreams who saw a need and opportunity, and made that their work?

The Thomas GSEA Foundation

Est. 2021

It is in this spirit that one of EO’s founding members and Chairman Emeritus Peter H. Thomas created The Thomas GSEA Foundation to provide funds, leadership, and support for EO’s GSEA program.

My fervent passion for EO’s GSEA exists because I know that my own life and the world around us is better as a direct result of entrepreneurship. I strongly believe that entrepreneurship is the blood flow of an economy.

We need to support the next wave of these entrepreneurs – the ones who will solve big and little problems for our generation and the ones that follow.

It is my wish for my life’s legacy to be able to help up-and-coming entrepreneurs to create the same for themselves.

Peter H. Thomas, 
EO Founding Member and Chairman Emeritus
Member, Thomas GSEA Foundation

Calling All Entrepreneurs

YOU can make a difference for student entrepreneurs. 

In turn, you create opportunity and positive change in the world.

Let’s Reduce Missed Opportunities

“There are countless missed opportunities across our country to capture and cultivate the bright young minds of students who have that innate entrepreneurial spark.

Beyond the reach and results of our Awards program lies an extraordinary opportunity to design a new future for so many young people – one with limitless options and fewer unknowns thanks to an expansive and welcoming community of leaders in the entrepreneurial space.“

Michelle Ernest

Executive Director, Canada GSEA Program | Thomas GSEA Foundation

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