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Absolute discipline gives total freedom.


Perryvale, Alberta


Why You Believe in GSEA

My fervent passion for EO’s GSEA exists because I know that my own life and the world around us is better as a direct result of entrepreneurship.  I strongly believe that entrepreneurship is the blood flow of an economy.  An entrepreneur’s skills, tenacity, and ability to transform a problem into an opportunity for societal betterment is key to the advancement and enhancement of our world.  We need to support the next wave of these entrepreneurs – the ones who will solve big and little problems for our generation and the ones that follow. 

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Kelowna, British Columbia
Phoenix, Arizona
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

About Peter

Peter Thomas has been a values-based serial entre­preneur for more than six decades. He is recognized as one of the lead­ing real estate developers and lenders of his time in North America. Peter has developed billions of dollars in real estate projects, including shopping centers, apartments, condominiums, hotels, and golf courses.

Peter has authored many books including Windows of Opportunity, Never Fight with a Pig, Passport to Business Success, and Be Great and Be Great in Business. He has been featured on the cover of numerous magazines and has been recognized with many awards over the years including the National Caring Award, an honor shared by General Colin Powell and Laura Bush, and the prestigious Ernest and Young Pacific Region Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

For his outstanding commitment to values, ethics, entrepreneurship, and quality of life, Royal Roads University was pleased to present Peter Thomas for the honorary degree, Doctor of Laws.

Philanthropy has always played a significant role in Peter and Rita’s lives and as such Peter has been a sought-after keynote speaker and a mentor to many. Peter and Rita also created a four-hour LifePilot program to teach others to live a life in alignment with their values. Peter has taught this program with Rita by his side all over the world.

One of Peter’s most significant contributions is Chairman Emeritus of the Entrepreneurs Organization and his role in the founding of EO which currently has 13,000+ members with 179 chapters in 57 countries. EO, and particularly the GSEA program, is of tremendous importance to Peter and thusly he he has committed significant time, energy, leadership and money to ensure that the program reaches its extraordinary potential for impact.  


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