Thomas GSEA Foundation Director

Current Work: Executive Director, EO Canada GSEA


An Idea You Live By: “Create the things you wish existed.”


Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Why You Believe in GSEA

My passion for the GSEA program is bilateral. As someone who identifies as entrepreneurial, I have experienced firsthand the obstacles faced as a result of lacking mentorship or resources and the absence of a supportive network. I also believe strongly that entrepreneurs can save and elevate our collective future – these are the creative, open-thinkers who will help us fix major problems and redesign a better way of living.  The GSEA not only helps protect the up and coming generation of entrepreneurs, but shepherds them through the potential early rough patches that can be terminal to a budding business.

Currently Residing In

Vancouver, British Columbia


About Michelle

An appetite for a challenge (& chocolate) and big juicy goals have been her greatest motivators for as long as she can remember.  A builder and a fixer, Michelle’s experience to date can be summarized into three main focuses:
1. expanding an organization’s reach
2. improving operational efficiencies
3.  optimizing organizational effectiveness
Her success in these three areas is largely due to her tenacious and entrepreneurial character, a strong ability to turn vision into fruition, and a relentless drive to connect, create, and build.  
Currently residing in Vancouver, BC, Michelle’s past-times include fitness, family time, and long walks; passions include languages, adventures, and traveling.

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